Why can't I write a contract for consent?

In the Wild West of the Internets, once again some bright young men who operate under the assumption that technology can fix all problems, and who don't understand how consent works have created an app that's supposed to protect themselves from the horror of false rape accusations. Never mind that innocent men almost never actually face false rape accusations.

A sad goodbye

Many of you have already heard that there will be no more Hammy Fridays. Hambone passed away in my arms on New Years Day. He struggled with a heart condition and seizures for years. If you've been around us much, I'm sure that you've noticed that lately he was often being carried instead of running. When he caught pneumonia it was just too much for his little body to handle.


46 feet of hard labor

Imagine climbing 46 feet down that and digging...

I had the amazingly good fortune to spend nearly two weeks in Cuba with an entrepreneurship outreach program recently. As you might imagine, there was a bit of bureaucracy involved. We had to go through several layers of travel agencies and the Cuban government had to approve our detailed itinerary. They're not really known for welcoming this kind of attention on the brilliant Cuban minds working to evolve their economy. It's not exactly clear how well it fits into the Cuban model, you see.

Environments no longer leak!

Some time ago, I wrote about Environment Leakage, and I'm happy to report that this is much less of a problem today. As of Puppet 4.8 and Puppet Enterprise 2016.5, most custom types will no longer be subject to environment leakage. It's transparent for the end user, when Puppet Enterprise Code Manager is configured, and can be used in Puppet Open Source by following the documentation.