Yay for another round of adding UUIDs to GrowlMail

Lately Apple has been incrementing the version number (and plugin compatibility UUID) of Mail.app with every version of 10.6. This breaks bundles like GrowlMail even when they are still compatible. The easy fix, assuming that the bundle is indeed still compatible, is to simply add the UUIDs to GrowlMail.

The attached app does this by running a simple shell script to get the current UUIDs and perform a little housekeeping with them. It will even re-enable the bundle if Mail.app has helpfully disabled it for you.

Simply download the app, unzip and run it.

Python DB-API is terrible, or how to return dictionaries from a database query

Do you, like me, pull out your hair and get the almost irresistible urge to murder small cute things when forced to use Python's DB-API? Despite being under development for many years it seems to be half-baked at best.

One such idiocy would be the utter lack of dictionary support, the ability that pretty much every other database abstraction layer since, well...forever, has had to allow you to address the columns by name. E.g., print row['firstName'].