The boy who cried troll

There once was a college student who was bored as he sat before his PC trying to concentrate on his Computer Science homework. To amuse himself, he started up his IRC client and joined the channel of his local Linux Users Group.

-->     pzpz ( has joined #wsulug
<pzpz>  hey guys, i'm trying to figure out hwo to remove binaries from my distro.
<pzpz>  find * -executable | rm
<pzpz>  since i'm running source based, i dont think i need these anymore
<pzpz>  would this work?

The LUG members in the channel were dumbfounded and began frantically explaining the error of his ways. He sat back and laughed until tears streamed from his eyes as he watched their befuddlement.

When the LUG members realized what he was doing, they were very angry.

<ribo>  don't feed the troll

one LUG member said and they all went back to hacking.

A few weeks later, when his next Computer Science homework was due, the college student was bored again. He loaded up his IRC client as before, but set a different handle, thinking that nobody would notice his username.

-->     poopy ( has joined #wsulug
<poopy> does sourcemage support linux?
*       colby tries to find clue stick

To his delight, some of the LUG members again responded to his nonsensical questions. He cackled to himself when once again his deceit was discovered.

<ribo>  troll elsewhere

he was told.

Soon the end of the semester approached and the college student began cramming for his tests and hacking away at his final project. As dead week approached and then was on him, the student frantically slaved away at his keyboard.

The night before his final project was due, disaster struck. He was finished with his project and was cleaning up the source directory before making a tarball to submit. He mistyped a command while removing all the *.o files and wiped out every single line of code he’d written.

In a panic, he returned to the IRC channel and quickly described his plight. His reception was less than warm.

-->     pzpz ( has joined #wsulug
<pzpz>  hey I accidentally deleted all my source files
<pzpz>  can someone help me get them back?
<ribo>  It's dead week.  I don't have time for trolls.
<--     ribo has kicked pzpz from #wsulug (ribo)

The next day he tearfully explained what had happened to his professor.

“I have to have grades in by the end of finals week,” the professor told the student. “If you can have it rewritten by then, I’ll give you 50% credit.”

He chuckled and patted the student on the shoulder. “Nobody listens to a troll… even when he’s not trolling.”