A sad goodbye

Many of you have already heard that there will be no more Hammy Fridays. Hambone passed away in my arms on New Years Day. He struggled with a heart condition and seizures for years. If you’ve been around us much, I’m sure that you’ve noticed that lately he was often being carried instead of running. When he caught pneumonia it was just too much for his little body to handle.

He will be missed dearly. He was our best little buddy and brought so much joy into our lives. This month is his six year anniversary with Puppet, so he’s been with the company for half of his life. Coming into the office was one of his many joys. He somehow knew how to count seven days and every Friday he’d run in circles and make his little excited gremlin sounds. If I took too long to get ready, he’d bump my ankles with his head to urge me towards the door.

He loved sharing his life and happiness with all of you. One of Hammy’s other favorite places was Bushwhacker Cider. He loved coming in for run club and hanging out at the bar with Emily. We will be having a Hammy Hour there Friday (tomorrow) after work if you’d like to say goodbye. They are totally dog friendly, so bring any furry ones who loved him like we do.