Backyard Shenanigans

As we careen headlong into our second winter of COVID-19, one thing's radically clear; we need human contact to save our sanity. We've built a little backyard oasis for the friends we're lucky enough to live by and we'd love if you'd come share it with us. Keep the weather in mind and dress appropriately. We do have heaters cranked and sometimes hot drinks, but you should still dress warmly and consider a snuggly blanket. We have beverages to share in the fridge, and you're invited to bring your own to add to the collective.

Backyard photo with Josh singing spooky karaoke

Upcoming Shenanigans

Baby, It's Dark Outside dark beer tasting party: January 29, 6pm

About the only thing that I love more than a big bold dark beer is a whole taster tray full of big bold dark beers. So we're holding a dark beer tasting in the backyard this winter. I've got a ton of delicious dark beers, some of which are really too much for one person to finish in a sitting. And I'd love to share it with other dark beer fanatics. Bring some of your own too, if you've got something exotic that you'd like to share. We've got plenty of taster cups to go around.
Note: this really is about the beer. If you're not all that into the big heavy brews, this might not be the event for you. Ping me for details.

Repeating events

  • Sunday Runday: Would you like your weekends to have a few miles and then brunch with friends? Join the Sunday Runday brunch series at 10:30am . Now with free sticker! Check the calendar to see which days we run and RSVP so we know how much food to prepare!
  • Friday Movie Night: Do your eyeballs need to feast on bad movies with good friends? Ok, they're not all bad, but I don't want to set your expectations too high. Stop by for our backyard movie nights any time you like. Showtime is about 6:30pm.
  • Tuesday Run Club: Most Tuesdays we host Rose City Run Club. Show at 6pm, run at 6:15pm, then reconvene for a beer or three sometime around 6:45pm. See the Facebook group for the actual schedule.

Backyard rules

Fully vaccinated people only please. This means both initial shots, and the two week "curing" time after. We don't expect you to have your boosters yet, but that will probably be the case by springtime.

Kids are currently a grey area, and we'll leave it to your discretion for now.

This is an outdoors space and socially distanced. As such, masks are not required but are suggested, especially if you're not a regular and this is outside your extended circle of friends. But that said, we expect each person to respect others' COVID boundaries and ask for consent before approaching for a hug or anything else up close and personal. That's a hard limit.

The bathroom is inside, down the stairs, and to the right. There are sanitizing supplies and you should wash your hands like the filthy beasts we all are. :)

If we have a signup sheet, it's because we want to either provide the right amount of food, or because we don't want it to end up too crowded to respect social distancing. In either case, please update your RSVP if it changes!