Spring Zoomies!

April 2, 2022 @ 9am

Ruben knows all about cabin fever - and he shakes them off with a few good front yard zoomies! Come join his humans while they do their own zoomies around the neighborhood!

Walk, bike, skate, scoot, run - you choose. We’ve got four 5k loops mapped out for you to pick your own distance; 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k!


  • Four 5k loops with our house in the center.
  • Water and electrolytes available at the house.
  • The bathrooms at the house will be open!
  • Post run nibbles to include bananas, bagels, peanut butter, etc.
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We’ve combined four 5k loops to make the full run. You can choose which to run and which order to run them in.

Full zoomies route

Quick tip; you can see the elevation profile of each loop on the Google map by expanding the section on the left bottom, underneath the route distance. They all say “mostly flat,” but trust me, they lie.

Clockwise from the top left, we have:

  1. The Concordia Loop
    • This is similar to what many of us run for our Run Club loops. Start at the house, jog over to Alberta Ct. at Kʰunamokwst Park. Out to 34th and loop back on Killingsworth. Bring it home on 57th. Don’t be surprised by that little hill, it’s a doozy!
    • 82 foot elevation change
    • Google Map
  2. The Cully Park Loop
    • This loop heads out to Cully Park, which Ruben will love. You may need to dodge people or adapt as needed because the park will probably be fairly busy.
    • Turn right out of the driveway, then another two quick rights to get onto Alberta heading out to 72nd.
    • Turn left to get to the park. 72nd is not typically very busy, but note that a short section has NO SIDEWALKS so do watch for cars.
    • Bear to the right as you enter the park, then head straight out for a loop around the soccer field. See the satellite view to better understand the loop.
    • On the way back, you’ll hang a right onto Emerson and then sneak through a mid-block cute little alley to get from Emerson to Sumner and back out to Cully. Stay on the left side for a block, then cross at the crosswalk and head to 60th where you’ll run on the right side in the separated pedestrian pathway.
    • 82 foot elevation change
    • Google Map
  3. The Roseway Loop
    • This loop has you jaywalking across Cully and out to 72nd again. You can totally cut the grassy corner if you want.
    • You’ll take 72nd all the way up to Fremont, but as you cross Prescott, be very careful with the stretched out five-way intersection and make sure that all the drivers see you before you cross.
    • On the way up the hill you can run either in the park or on the sidewalk on the right side of 72nd. Turn right on Fremont and again on 60th/Cully and descend.
    • When you get to the bottom, in front of AutoZone, cross the street to get to the Speedway gas station, then cross again to get to the 7-11. Yes, it’s annoying (pro-tip; if you’d rather cross at the top of the hill, that’s totes ok too.) See the satellite view.
    • 118 foot elevation change
    • Google Map
  4. The Wilshire Loop
    • This starts similarly to the Concordia Loop, but you’ll jog left to get onto Going. Cross 42nd, then turn left and climb to Fremont St.
    • Here you should turn right, then stop immediately and cross Fremont and turn left again. This gets you on the less busy side of the street. See the satellite view.
    • Run to 60th, but don’t cross the street. Turn left and zoom down the hill on the left side. At the bottom, cross to the 7-11 and head back to the house.
    • 89 foot elevation change
    • Google Map