Puppet Zero

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Configuration management with tools like Puppet can make your life a lot easier. It can make configuring newly provisioned servers more repeatable and reliable and it can make disaster recovery nearly trivial. Learning to use the tool isn’t trivial by any means, though. There are 200 configurable options, give or take depending on the version you’re running, and the number of things you can do with it is nearly infinite. You can structure your code any way you want, so how do you know what’s the “right” way, and what about modules from the Puppet Forge?

I can’t take away all the complexities, but what I can do is introduce you gradually in a way that helps you to absorb new information. This blog series is designed to take a user from their first sight of Puppet to proficiency. So let’s get started. The simplest way to do this is either by downloading the Puppet Labs Learning VM or firing up a VM of your choice and installing the Puppet Enterprise free trial.

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